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"I had the pleasure of working closely with Christina to develop our community program, and I'm thrilled with the results. Christina is not only a professional but also a great partner who truly understands our organization's goals and challenges. During our collaboration, Christina consistently showed her thoughtfulness and practical approach.

She didn't just provide generic solutions; she took the time to understand our unique community program and gave us tailored advice. Her insightful questions helped us see things from different angles. What makes Christina stand out is her extensive experience in building and managing community programs. She knows what she's doing, and her advice has been crucial to our success. Working with Christina has been a pleasure.

She's not only knowledgeable but also a great communicator and collaborator. She genuinely cares about our project's success.

I highly recommend Christina to anyone looking to start or improve their community program. Her expertise, practicality, and dedication are hard to find, and she'll bring a lot of value to your team. Christina has made a big difference in our community program, and I'm grateful to be able to work with her."

Joe Teo | CEO, HeyOrca!

"Christina joined us as we were sourcing a full-time, in-house Chief Customer Officer, and her impact was nothing short of remarkable.


Christina took charge of optimizing our team's operations. She introduced a refreshing approach by initiating meetings with celebrations of wins, fostering an environment where employees felt empowered and successful from the outset.


Christina audited our current workflows, identifying gaps and opportunities for improvement. She addressed critical areas such as NPS implementation, establishing a customer advisory board, conducting customer health surveys, and more. Her meticulous planning and strategic vision paved the way for enhanced customer-centric practices within our organization.


Christina's contributions significantly underscored the importance and impact of having a dedicated Chief Customer Officer within our team. It gave us a cost-effective way of testing the concept so that we could be confident that a permanent hire was the right move. Moreover, Christina's commitment to ensuring a seamless transition for our full-time hire was exemplary.


Christina's energy, enthusiasm, and collaborative spirit were infectious, creating a palpable sense of momentum and positivity within our team."

Daniel Heuman | CEO, Intelligent Editing

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